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Short message service is a revolution brought by telecom industry. It is often called as short text message which means sending text messages from/to mobile phones. Short message service gets huge popularity in the initial days of 21st century. SMS service is provided by every mobile operator for sending text message on any mobile phone. These operators also offer many packages for sms messaging. SMS Messages are one of the most used way to communicate across India. Due to SMS popularity, most companies use it as a marketing tool to advertise their products. Bulk SMS India are also used as a CRM tools by many corporate's.

Why we use online bulk sms if we use our mobile phone to send sms?

Sending bulk sms messages through mobiles have many problems, they are not cost effective, typing messages on mobile is time consuming process, selecting recipient is also difficult. Since they are targeting a large volume of people, hence they need a software that can send sms to many people. They require a tool which is able to send messages in bulk and in this way help them to promote their product and save their costs and time. Bulk SMS is sending or receiving messages in large volume i.e. sms in bulk. The benefit of bulk sms messaging is that one single sms can be sent to a group in a single shot and in very short time (in minutes only). Due to its low cost, the trend of bulk sms messaging in India is increasing. There are some services available which allow sending free sms in India. These services also offer group sms services in which a single message can be sent to a group at a time.

Login4ITES Network's  Sms Marketing
Technology for Brand Promotions like:

1.    We use the cloud technology to increase the size of the sms delivery which helps our server to deliver the 99.99 % sms to mobile.

2.    Sender Id- For promotion of your company/product name at the place of sender's mobile number.

3.    With our services you can send sms to 1 million Sms/hour.

4.  With the help of our dextop/exel software you can use your service directly from your computer, no need to login on our website.

5.  In our service you can use our sms api to send sms from your website or any software.

6.    We provide the Sms reports which mentions the time and date of the delivery of your sms.

7.    The detailed campaigning report can also be provided you, which will help you in knowing the exact details of your campaign(sms) are sent, delivered, not delivered, failed, or listed in DND(do not disturb).

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